About Nevada City Treasures

This is not just a place to stay.........it's a place to experience the warmth and charm of this very special town in the heart of gold country.

Shari Barley

Hi, My name is Shari and I have lived in this area for 25 years.......it's one of those places that you totally fall in love with immediately and know that you want to live here. I am a full time Realtor so I'm very knowledgeable about the area and it's amenities and in my past career I was a flight attendant so I also know how to care for my guests needs and how to give them their privacy.  Come for a visit  and feel the warmth and ambiance of this golden treasure called Nevada City in the foothills.

Why this property:


I have experienced having a vacation rental in another area and enjoyed it so much that when I purchased this property it was with the intention of creating a beautiful place to stay and a relaxing experience for those searching for more than just a place to lay their heads for the night.